Swamp Tales promo group was formed in wonderful summer of 2007 as a collaboration of different people with the one aim. The promo includes djs and live artists (Silmaril, FungPung aka MagicFungus, Atman, Ziog and Zenith), decorators (Solstice, Elena) and other people , who help us in other ways. The idea of Swamp Tales is to give a new birth to the ancient lithuanian Pagan Culture, which almost died hundreds of years ago, but which is much more closer to Universal Truth than the culture we have in our country today.

We don’t care about money, politics and law – life is too short to dive into illusions… We believe in simple and honest things – Love, Nature, Goodness, Beauty… Like everybody else, we strongly feel that the world is changing, and we believe that by making various positive events, like psy festivals and workshops, fire shows and drumming in the streets etc. we can make this world a little bit better place to be – and that’s the whole point… We work together with Lithuanian and other countries' promo groups and looking forward meeting new people.